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do, 05.11.2009
endlosschleifen. leben im loop
Eröffnung der Ausstellung 19 Uhr

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Community and the public realm. Or perhaps more accurately community in the public realm, or even more accurately in terms of this project: the visible presence of the idea of community in the public spaces of the city of Munich.

But what does this opening statement mean? Well, let me put forward a proposition. A public proposition. How public space is designed, managed and used, presents a set of tacit understandings of what community is and is not. These ‘understandings’ are civil and polite, they are also vague and almost empty of meaning. Contemporary public space presents us with a place for everyone, somewhere for all of us, where questions of community and belonging have no need to be asked or considered, as we are all equally welcome.

This notion of a community for all, runs counter to the standard dictionary definition of community; “a social group whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage”. The public spaces in the city of Munich are full of indicators of a particular collective and shared identity, from lions to coats of arms, from wall paintings to vernacular architectural details. But to the uninitiated eye they cannot be read, they exist as only the public traces of a community.

This tension between what community is expected to mean and how it is visible and marked in public space, is the territory which standpoint will occupy and explore for 6 weeks through a process of prop making, writing and discussion. The project will culminate in a gallery presentation and an off site day of talks and activities.