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do, 05.11.2009
endlosschleifen. leben im loop
Eröffnung der Ausstellung 19 Uhr

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"Air + Electricity"
Performance mit Rob Curgenven (Australien/Italien) und Kathrin Bethge (Hamburg)

Sa 30.08.08, 20 Uhr

Creating a performance that moves beyond the recordable to render a completely immersive sensory environment -- a space filled with shifting constellations of light, sound and vibration. Taking static archives of places beyond the immediate sphere of the performance space (field recordings, images) as the starting point, air+electricity forms a dynamic intrusion into being in an active space.

Katrin Bethge uses dual overhead projectors to create a dialogue between variable space constellations, projecting analog images through different materials such as water, sand or Styrofoam balls to bring direct movement on the projection screen. Katrin is based in Hamburg and has been working with projections since 1999.

Robert Curgenven will be manipulating overtones and roomtones combined with field recordings from remote areas in Australia to explore the harmonics of the performance space. Robert is currently based in Milan, but has lived for much of the past eight years in the remote Northern Territory of Australia where he has developed his unique approach as an sound artist.

Both artists do not use computers and work in wholly analog environments.